Thursday, September 25, 2014

Broken Eyelashes!

So just recently, I tried out a new mascara. This was the firstexpensive mascara  that I have ever loved. It was also not waterproof. I always bought waterproof in the past, because it holds a curl better. Anyway, I got a sample of Makeup Forever smokey eye mascara. And within a couple weeks I started to notice how long my eyelashes looked! 

Upon closer inspection, I saw that my eyelash were actualy longer! Apparently I have been breaking of the tips of my eyelashes for years....
I used to use cheap mascara that was waterproof. I am not sure if to blame ihow cheap it was, or the fact that it was waterproof, as to why I was breakinf off my eyelashes. But I sure felt like an idiot. All this time I thought I had realy short eyelashes. Granted, I have the most fragile hair known to man, but wow! I could not beleive how long my eye lashes looked! I am so impressed. I will buy many more products from Makeup Forever in the future. 

And I thought I knew so much about makeup... 

Just thought I should share my recent discovery friends! Thanks for reading. 

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