Thursday, September 11, 2014

Looks of the week!

This week I received the Too Faced "Joy to the Girls" palette. All I can say is wow! I did a review of it earlier this week, and I love this. I feel that this palette is completely under-rated. It was a limited addition palette, and I was able to snag this at an 80% off sale. Anyway, the three looks I will be posting are all from the Joy to the Girls palette. I will post a picture of the palette. (I got this of the internet. I knew it would be better than anythung I took with my Iphone) 

The first look I did was slightly heavy, but still appropiate for day time.

I used a yellowey gold called "Twinkle" on my outer lids. I used a light pink, very similar to Urban Decay's sin, called "cheers". Then I applied a light brown called "cookie dough", very simmilar to Urban Decay's buck. Last but not least, i applied a glittery purple color called "sugar plum" in my crease. I followed with mascarra and liner. 

Today I did something very subtle with two pinks and a light brown. I used "spike the punch", "cookie dough", and "cheers". 

For this look I used a lot of the light bluecolor  called "joy", the black in the palette, and the mid brown called "mullberry". I did a cut crease with this look. This was a practice look for the weekend. I ended up loving it. 

Well anyway, I am loving my new Joy to the Girls palette. If you can get your hands on it, I would highly recomend it. Thanks for your time friends. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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